I. vb
to have sex with. More a shorthand vulgarism than an evasive euphemism, the term was widely used in the USA from the late 1960s and since the 1990s has been popular among adolescents in Britain.
► 'Debbie does Dallas' (Title of 1970s US porno film)
► 'Is she really doing that dreamboat in the sixth form?' (Just Seventeen magazine, August 1996)
to kill. A term used by criminals and street-gang members and their fictional counterparts.
He didn't say a goddam word, he just went and did her.
II. n
a hairstyle. This shortened form of hairdo originated in black slang. It is now also heard among younger British speakers.
III. doo n
excrement. A nursery word used all over the English-speaking world, although in Britain the plural form dos is probably more common. The word in this sense is probably pre-World War II and derives from the Victorian notion of doing or per-forming one's bodily functions dutifully.
do (drugs)
to take drugs. The term can apply to sin-gle instances or to habitual use. Originally an Americanism, it was adopted by Brit-ish speakers in the hippy era.
► 'Well the one [trip] that stopped me from doing acid forever was when I dropped seven tabs.' (Zodiac Mindwarp, I-D magazine, No-vember 1987)

Contemporary slang . 2014.


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